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Wherever man has left his footprint in the long ascent from barbarism to civilization, we will find the hoofprint of a horse beside it.
John Trotwood Moore

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So, you know how to ride, love the horse, are getting tired of improving your seat and wish that riding could be a bit more . . . well, exciting!
You've come to the right site. Not only will we help you decide what type of sport might be best for you, but we can help you figure out what you need (and what

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it might cost you—or your parents!), and how to do it safely.
We have lots of cool sites that you can visit to find out more about some of the exciting and beautiful equine riding sports. Check them out on our
related links page.
If you've loved horses all your life—particularly if you love the smell of horses (the true test)—then you owe it to yourself and your horse to find out about equine sports, from the genteel horseback ballet known as dressage to the rough-riding, gut-twisting thrill of rodeo racing.
Isn't it about time you won first place?



What's in this site...

Choosing a Sport:  Have a look at all these choices.

Equipment:  A realistic look at the cost of participating in horseback riding sports

Safety: Protect yourself, your horse, and other people from injury.

Related Links: Links to related sport sites, including sites that feature specific equine sports.

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Find everything you ever wanted to know about horses (and more!) at All About Horses!

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